The second edition of the International Italian Sea Kayak Event, again into the spectacular setting of the seven Aeolian Islands, Mediterranean's pearls, among the most famous active and studied volcanoes in Europe. An unique opportunity to compare and share skills and experiences between sea kayakers coming from different countries.



You can reach the Aeolian Islands from the following airports:

There are national and international flights, from Milazzo you can reach Catania Milazzo via Highway with 120 km in approx. 90 min.; there are personal and cumulative transfer services; it is possible to rent cars of all types and there are bus services from the airport of Catania to Messina (SAIS company).
in the high season from Palermo there are direct hydrofoil to the Aeolian Islands; it is possible go on the motorway by car or with custom transfers to Milazzo and from there to the islands;
from Reggio Calabria to the port by taxi or bus information Phone 096.5643291 (Office of Tourism at) and from there by hydrofoil throughout the year to the islands in 90 ', or by bus fro the airport to Messina with Bus Cavalieri or Federico and from there by hydrofoil to the islands or by bus from the port of Messina to Milazzo and vice versa with GIUNTABUS and then for the Aeolian Islands;
in summer there are hydrofoil from the port to the islands, but difficult to book;
by taxi from the airport to the port and from there by ship all year for the Aeolian Islands (the journey lasts one night); in summer by hydrofoil (the trip takes 4 to 6.30 hours).
by bus from the airport to Palermo and then as above.

Major airlines serving the airport are cited on the following links:
Wind Jet ; Alitalia ; Air One ; Meridiana ; Alpieagles ; KLM ; AeroFlight ; Air Berlin ; British Airways ; Austrian Airlines ; Ryanair

Ferries and hydrofoils to the Aeolian Islands
The Aeolian Islands can be reached by sea through various routes; in summer there are more departures:
from Milazzo, is the main port for connecting all the Aeolian Islands, there are hydrofoils and ships throughout the day from 7.00 h until 22.00 h, they are difficult to book if you are not in place. The journey by hydrofoil takes from 40' for Vulcano to about 120' for Stromboli or Alicudi islands that are further away, while the ferry is in range from 60' for Vulcano to 150' for Stromboli or Alicudi;
from Messina and Reggio Calabria by hydrofoil, with more trips per day throughout the year, bus links the airport of Reggio Calabria;
from Napoli by ferry all the year and by hydrofoil during summer;
from Napoli by ship to Palermo and from Palermo by car or train to Milazzo and from there to the islands;
from Salerno to Catania and Messina and from there drive to Milazzo and then embark for the islands;
To book hydrofoils, Ships and Ferries to Sicily
Reservation of ferry and hydrofoils to the Aeolian Islands

By train:
Milazzo is the most convenient station. Every half hour there a shuttle bus to the port.
Messina, the station is about 1 km away from the hydrofoil shipment port (Ustica Lines). If you do not arrive in time to start with a hydrofoil, you should move to Milazzo by bus (Giuntabus Company) and the bus stop is right in front of the Milazzo harbor.
Napoli, the station advised to leave by ship or hydrofoil is Piazza Garibaldi, with Ustica Lines and Siremar vessels, while for the SNAV hydrofoils stops in Mergellina Naples. According to the time of arrival in Naples you can decide to leave by hydrofoil or ship.

For timetables and prices for trains visit the site Trenitalia

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